The Best RouterOS on Extreme Hardware

MikroBits products are carrier-class super-charged gigabit routers, Powered by MikroTik OS, can perform various network management functions, ranging from routing (static, policy route, ECMP, RIP, OSPF), bandwidth management, firewalls, tunneling (VPN, PPTP, EOIP, L2TP), hotspot gateway, up to the latest protocols such as MPLS and IPv6.

It's NOT a PC, it's Network Appliance

Hardware used for MikroBits produced by the best manufacturer, specialized on network appliance and security. Designed to handle gigabits traffic out of the need for a Enterprise and/or Carrier class Mikrotik Router. Rack mountable and high capacity, specifically designed for Enterprises of any size, delivers an ultra compact design with high-end performance, with multiple Gigabit Ethernet ports, or gigabit SFP ports.

Latest Core Technology

Stay ahead of growing business demands and drive down total-cost-of ownership with scalable, efficient networking solutions powered by Intel Inside®. Intel-based communications infrastructure devices help deliver the accelerated performance needed to handle compute-intensive workloads and security applications today-and seamlessly grow your business tomorrow. Citraweb/MikroBits is a licensee of the Intel® Brand Advantage Program which is designed to help businesses differentiate their intelligent and connected products. MikroBits network appliances are designed with the latest core technologies.

Gigabit Ethernet via PCI Express

To optimize network utilization and throughput, PCIe bus is the choice for LAN installation since it can separate different collision domains for maximum network efficiency.

LAN Bypass

MikroBits support LAN bypass function via WDT and GPIO pin definitions to prevent platform shutdown, power failure, and OS/application program hang ups.